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June 18 2018, 13:05:40 UTC 9 months ago

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Mrs. White is, of course, my other spirit animal.

Anyway, I forgot to mention the best part about the Queen Charlotte. Honestly, that's the thing that's always goosed me about everyone's "Apostolic Succession" nonsense. Maybe, we could perhaps consider doing a boring ole storyline about the illuminati. I say this while watching the Guy Fawkes special on HBO ( it's a Zzzzz fest spectacular. Save your money and watch The Leftovers instead.) As much as I love masks and burning straw men in effigy, I have to suggest that best gal won.

(This would be world building. But, at this stage, this os more like "Notice the change you'd like to see in the world" sorta gambit. Anyway, I have to go do my Ohms.)