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the metier of "france"

"I couldn't believe my ears." -- Henry Miller

Miller's Cockaigne is obviously Poictesme's slightly more brazen West Coast sister, what happens when fantasy gestates into historical romance. To Cabell, there was no functional difference. It was all a table where dreams could be housed and desires indulged.

This frustrates genre-blindered critics and the fans what follow.

Our miniatures campaigns are all "medieval" and all "fantastic" in every bone. Before the war split the world into Plantagenets & Valois, wake-world & otherwise. Before the flood.

The follow-on question for students of the world before genre is then how Averoigne really fits into the cycle of wanting, having & being, there among the headmasters in the school for ghouls.

There is of course a real town, known to the vulgar as Riom & aux amoureux de science by a different name. Like it or don't, Rabelais posited an abby there.

"Once I gave it a name, this terrain vague: I called it Ubiguchi, but somehow Ubiguchi never satisfied me. It was too intelligible, too full of meaning. It would be better to keep it just terrain vague, which is what I intend to do. People think that vacuity is nothingness, but it is not so. Vacuity is a discordant, a crowded ghostly world in which the soul goes reconnoitering. As a boy I remember standing in a vacant lot as if I were a very lively soul standing naked in a pair of shoes." - Henry Miller

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