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Home of the Brave

The last time I had to ramp up seriously on Thailand was that ghost year after the planes hit. (American planes. Made in America.) The firm was a weird ghost in itself, leaving almost no trace outside the firewall behind. What I heard was that the principals were purged by friends of Mr Shin and vanished owing me money, and there you go.

Since then, the interesting thing is that the fundamentals really haven't changed all that much. It's still the same weird melange of entertainment companies, jewelers, hoteliers. God only knows what their phones run on these days. I've always been fond of the caste-specific origins of their banking system. It hisses and croaks things in the moonlight about where our banks came from, how they evolved over the last decade or so and where they're going. They tell me that Thailand is an industrial powerhouse but I can never seem to look straight at those parts. Only the elephant's shadow is the part that capitalism can interact with. The rest of the elephant is elsewhere.

""Truth is an honest thief, she brings you back your mirror."

They gave me a roommate from Thailand once. Math major, one of Deb Bergstrand's favorites I seem to recall. He was highly connected back in the old country. The fact that he knew so many of their pronouns proves it; in fact, most of the people I meet over here were big deals when they were back there. He'd already done his time as a monk. They're sensitive about the term "hinayana." It's funny the things you remember.

One day they'll have another king there. But you know they said that about Nepal too.
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