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Tom / Huck

The CLOUD is coming up fast. Imagine it ramifying, like one of those time-lapse Godfrey Reggio contrails. If you're digital, storage is basically obsolete. Think about that. If you're not, storage is critical. People choose, one by one and group by group, one model or the other. If you fall in outer space, do you think you'd slow down after a while, or go faster and faster? That's Moore's Law for you, with one out of every nine banks on the scare list.

A few stolen minutes for you. Thinking a lot about the function of gnostic saints and why -- lip service to the contrary -- the vital relationship to history they entail has been plowed under. Old time now essentially present / father on vacation. Far cry from how at the other end of the cycle all the books were hagiographies, great chains of Homer showing all the links. Where thee id calls the goy follows. Thinking about how Greece screwed the global currency last time; where it's always 70 AD, PIGS are still unclean animals.

Hi dad.

The game of telephone. It's how Tom Sawyer whitewashed the fence. Huck came close to joining that chain but his time on the river taught him something more durable than style. Sometimes, whether some people want to admit it or not, some saints are latter-day, and then the cycle swings. Too many Toms and not enough Hucks. Magic & modernity in English art. Not so much pigeons & mirrors now; cats & kings. Rolling on the river....

Ba-da-ba-ba-ba-da-da-bum! Love goes on anyway!
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