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Song As Old As Rhyme or Suffragette City

"That was unexpected!" - Kylie Hastings

As the Big Questions (what is to be done) germinate the Aristasian ultra-telluric rhodovision screens start pinging up a storm as a few of the very small number of people with a window on this hidden world (jardin clos) get a bee up their bonnet on "the problem of Crowley." Usually in these situations I keep my head down but this one is hilarious in context of other discussions. Alan Moore. Fashion Beauty, Fashion Beast. What late installments of Extraordinary Gentlemen tell us about the ends to which he applies his apparatus -- what he wants -- and what he rejects. These are not empty topics beyond our fannish ken but real matters of tactics and taste. Nemo versus the moonchild politics that project an Ayesha. Brian Jones versus Turner. P.L. Travers versus J.K. Rowling. North versus South.

Beauty versus Beast? It depends on where you draw the boundary of Aristasia as it recedes behind the fields we know. Unlike Jack Kirby, he did extensive work on at least two Moultons, one of whom was a screen for the other. Where Moore habitually loses patience is with his Gibsons, subliming almost immediately back to the firelight in the back caves. And of course by the time the Extraordinary Gentlemen reach around to catch up with us here in the now, they are all women, like the dear old lady in France who is my only remaining live contact to the Solazaref "filiation." Not filius; filet. Ozma is indeed a strange name.

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February 22 2017, 16:13:02 UTC 2 months ago

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Si Cécile ne se fut jamais égarée dans les sentiers de Lesbos, son âme n’eût point été arc-en-ciel. Son âme est un arc-en-ciel
-Maryse Choisy

Well, for one thing, this particular journey into Dames Traditionnelles has proved far more interesting than any number of previous adventures. Last time, I only got a couple of vidies and tour of Second Life. This is an abundance. Also, I want to read that Madrin/Arrow gossip and have been unable to find it on my own.

Obviously, I reject these women on the basis of their self-hating patriarchal binary nonsense. Gender dominance is about mating strategy and not any "masculine' notion of 'equal time'. (And, on that note, I wish we all weren't so sexist.) Needless to say, the part of me that thinks Tipping the Velvet is among the finest of all BBC productions, finds it all glorious.

Well, when you look at Moore's highlights, he's tracing a Traditional Path. Look at his highlights. From Hell, Gentlemen, V, Jerusalem, Watchmen, and Lost Girls are all secretly general investigations into Theosophy, Women, and Masonry. Here, if you assume (know) that Masonry is a meta-abrahamic faith and that there really is a such thing as a "Primordial Tradition", you can see how so much revolves around questions of Simulacra and Simulation. Everything has the same mother. Once you have that, Drucker is right, everything either creates value or it creates customers. As you know, a real big chunk of Real Wizard School is the Art and Science of Management. <- I hope that's all not too twee.

(I tend to generally reject Dispensationalism But, in the late 1800's there's a really good story about how all the srkying cults from Cincinnati to Morocco, started prophesying that women would rise over the next few centuries. This set of visions caused the various splits with Luxor, Martinists, and Masonry. There is some excellent gossip in those parts. If you have not seen it, See it!)

Choisy, I think can help us. She captures Lacan, Freud, Jung, the L'TAROT people and forgive my general ignorance but that gets us Oswald Wirth (+R) and I think a very bubbly Julian Champagne! And, she also gets us Teilhard De Chardin. That is quite a haul. Solazaref is there by implication, if I am not mistaken. That's really nearly as far as my knowledge takes me.