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Yr Cigarette Traces a Ladder

"Occulture" in solution. You worry at a thing for 20 years, finally it's going to chew. We needed to reincrudate "thee" invisibles anyhow, so imagine that dream in its original state, liberated from the vagaries of the publishing schedule and anxieties of influence. How each issue wanted to go before time got in its way. See old friends from the countercanon fill the panels incognito: Lord Horror, Simon Dwyer, Colin Wilson. Genesis, Mr Sebastian, Moorcock, undoubtedly others once you turn the skeleton key. Famous and just fellow travelers. It's only the mirror image of a scene, a blind item gossip column in a fanzine almost nobody will ever read again except for archival purposes. Lipstick traces.

Now project yr powder backward from that point. The abortive Walpurgisnacht music festival, 1971. And so on.

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