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Yr Cigarette Traces a Ladder

"Occulture" in solution. You worry at a thing for 20 years, finally it's going to chew. We needed to reincrudate "thee" invisibles anyhow, so imagine that dream in its original state, liberated from the vagaries of the publishing schedule and anxieties of influence. How each issue wanted to go before time got in its way. See old friends from the countercanon fill the panels incognito: Lord Horror, Simon Dwyer, Colin Wilson. Genesis, Mr Sebastian, Moorcock, undoubtedly others once you turn the skeleton key. Famous and just fellow travelers. It's only the mirror image of a scene, a blind item gossip column in a fanzine almost nobody will ever read again except for archival purposes. Lipstick traces.

Now project yr powder backward from that point. The abortive Walpurgisnacht music festival, 1971. And so on.

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You should post something!
Thanks for reading! One of these days . . . meantime loving what you have been up to.
Over eating and hanging out with AMORC kooks is what I've been up to. They really do have the best side action. Well, I mean relative to supper clubs for the Hoi polloi. It is a garden of wacky delights. Some of them have a literal belief in Lemuria, Agartha, and Hyperion.
You haven't posted anything for me in a whole year. In fact, I thought I had already commented here. But, I guess not. Anyway, it’s time to refresh your context. So, in the spirit of lending a helping (invisible) hand, Possible Writing Prompts:

A) Why isn't it obvious to everyone (Martinists mainly) that God actually hates Haiti great big bunches? Shouldn't that give our fellow psychic spiders some pause? (Why or why not!)

B) Did you ever find anyone better at being Most Right? If so, what are they like? Are they fun?

C) You said there'd be television shows. What happened with that? Are they any good? Where can we see them?

D) Have you seen “Youth”? You could apologize for the film Youth.


E) Every time Trump does something I cackle like an evil overlord. It genuinely tickles me. Do you ever do that? Or, is your peer group still in that phase where everyone pretends like this is the worst thing that ever happend to America?

Have fun Hooker.
Loving the prompts! Year of the Red Bird coming and I hear these crazy rumors that the LJ is riding a nostalgia wave so you might get your wish on all this and more. Meanwhile please stay fierce the next 5-6 weeks.

Trailer reel!

A My encounters with houngans and shit leave me with the feeling that Haiti gets what it wants. They grabbed the fatalism inherent in the system and nobody has figured out how to get them to let it go. "That's why they still weep when a child is born and make merry at a burial."

B Well, you of course and just about everybody. Right now I'm chasing an 80-year-old lady around and am trying to find time to approach an actual real-life WALDROP (she married in and walked away). All about the olds in general this year in order to match them to the tweens while we can.

C Supposedly shit is happening this year.


E The fear and mourning are really interesting. He is the moral drama of our age. Some crazy high-up people flipped for him at the last minute . . . we're talking Doom That Came To Chelsea level . . . and the fallout is going to be intense. I am happy not to be Ariel Hawksquill right now!