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"Fantastic" Medieval

"Learning to scry is not easy. At first, one 'sees' -- hears, senses -- fragments: a color, a sound, a bit of a landscape, a word in some foreign tongue, a half-heard musical phrase. As one becomes skilled, more and more comes through. Words are joined together, landscapes burgeon into elaborate scenes; musical notes become melodies. If one persists, one's 'bowl' fills almost by itself with spectacular detail: astronomical events, whole periods of history (human and other), stately symphonies, dramas of great poignancy, and the details of a myriad lives that one could never otherwise know. One can direct one's attention as well, seeking certain areas, topics, or personalities. It is like picking up a book again, or coming back into the theatre after intermission to continue watching a play. At last one reaches a stage where one can walk down any street or turn in at any door on the world one is scrying, and all is instantly available, known, and consistent. One can watch a child playing in front of its gate and then return ten years later to see that same child grown, although no more than a moment may have passed for the scrier. One can take up a book and read from the passage where one left off. One can do much more as well, but it is not wise to adumbrate too much; dangers lurk here for the unwary." - M.A.R. Barker, The Tongue of Those Who Journey Beyond: SUNUZ

"Indeed, 'creation' has a negative aspect, since it puts an end to the privation of being which holds things in their occultation; this double negativity, the nonbeing of a nonbeing, constitutes the positive act. In this sense it is permissible to say that the universe originates at once in being and nonbeing. Thus Creation is Epiphany (tajalli) ... this Imagination is subject to two possibilities, since it can reveal the Hidden only by continuing to conceal it. It is a veil; this veil can become so opaque as to imprison us and catch us in the trap of idolatry. But it can also become increasingly transparent." - Henri Corbin, "Creative Imagination and Creative Prayer"

"I have at times found that I could see the reflecting ether very well and I practiced going back along the reflecting ether time track as well as forward. I have caught glimpses of cities 1000 years in the future and also as little as 20 years in the future. I was in such a free state that time that I deliberately went around looking for calendars and I found one in a store with the date 2000 something on it. I am working hard to develop this facility and I hope very much to be able to bring back some real knowledge sometime. I admit now that I am somewhat shaky on these trips and I can get easily rattled going thru one of these scenes as after all a thing like this is not too easy or simple a matter. Other times I find that I can reach a plane where it is easy to manufacture thought forms for certain kinds of duties. (There is a technique to this as they have to be made correctly and endowed with life and emotion and energy in a definite manner. They can then be directed to perform certain jobs.)" - Ophiel, The Art & Practice of Astral Projection

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