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Friday on my Mind

Chelsea hasn't changed at all except some of the old haunts are gone. Very interesting Wallace Berman show -- both the "big" verifax grids and the rarely seen "little" single-cell collages live up to their reputation, far more hermetic than the empty buzzword usually entails when people reach to characterize his work. There was a particularly gorgeous variant (איב זח פצ סנ) where he'd assembled celebrities of the era -- the Kennedys, Marilyn, Liz Taylor -- and painted over the faces, leaving the posture, clothes & hair as reference points, but the highlight was probably a full-wall blow-up of the photo that turned into the Mermaid Tavern poster: crouched down executing yet another row of perfect Hebrew semaphore, black paint on white except where a spill forces him to switch to white on black. Now that, as John Zorn once said, is purity, "if you're into purity."

Wallace Berman, "Aleph" (still image).

Had a pleasant chat with Frau Klagsbrun about the weather and got the Cameron catalog in return. (There is no Berman catalog.) On the train you open the book and suddenly a guy sitting to your left calls a blind girl a whore; the train is taken out of service and we all step across the platform. The girl wanted to take the express, would've rather taken the E instead of the 7. So it goes.
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