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Pigeons & Mirrors

As many of you know my long work of capitalist self-immolation was achieved earlier this year and since then I've been reborn (levigate) as a sustainable free agent. So far the main adjustments are psychological. It reminds me of how the Beatles tricked the Vacuum Cleaner Beast into annihilating first the rest of the Sea of Monsters, then itself, leaving them to find their way back through the Sea of Nothing where Martin Amis lives. It is good but the way to Pepperland is often hypnotic.

Along these lines I had the great good luck to find a bootleg Krautrocksampler online recently. Projects like this are often mere facile exercises in hipsterism but St. Julian's prose has real verve and so animates insights that would in other hands only drive collector markets. (Cope realizes this.) The best parts are early on when he describes the amnesiac West German kids' efforts to first absorb the mass of American (and then Anglo-American) pop thrown at them, then digest it and finally regurgitate it in a recognizable but still uniquely "German" form. This is of course what happens to your mercury in the rasa shastra system. More immediately interesting, it's also a good example of double reflection, in which crossing the river twice is not equivalent to never having crossed at all but in fact opens up first an inversion and then infinite regress. We saw this earlier with the "haunted" Meek sound, reel-to-reel recordings of the three-minute American symphony played back at us to let the American teenager see its own soda-shop, B-movie, blackboard jungle ghosts from a new angle: John Leyton to the Meteors and ultimately coughing up Rocky Horror, suedehead & the Damned. We saw it again in the nouvelle vague (see last post).

"The delicate perfume of sex and leatherette pervades the air,
the radios playing new Gene Vincent songs."
(Photo credit MadelonTK)

It of course is still going on. The "Dark Monarch" evolves England's hidden reverse and vice versa: Britpop like James Brown is dead (undead undead) and as we all know the pound like British Aerospace still swings both ways (like a pendulum do), between and reflecting both the continents. I am not of course a WASP but modern life can still be rubbish (so the story begins / get my crepes suzette).

The problem, everyone tells me this week, is storage: data, power, oil, gas, grain, gold. Near-term, remarkably, production is not a concern -- producers can't unload the stuff fast enough. Everyone knows the futures curve is profoundly unbackwardate; it is however also extreme in its current contango. Reverse gold rush, building the pressure of demand: ad men & the art of mirrors.

On exhibit in the Court of the Crimson King (St Ives)
through January 10

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